Burberry Garment

On the 24th February I went to the Burberry makers house exhibition with my mum to view the new s/s17 collection, when I was their I saw so many amazing garments but the one that stood out to me the most was the crystal cape so I chose to study that garment  anyways, Burberry designed a celebration of the new collection and the iconic artist who inspired it. Henry Moore: Inspiration & Process included some of Moore’s most famous sculptures alongside his working models and maquettes. The exhibition provided an opportunity to explore the iconic British artist’s work and methods outside of the Henry Moore Studios & Gardens, home of the Henry Moore Foundation, Where it was held at makers house in 1 Manette St, Soho, London W1D 4AT. On the other hand the cape reimagined was on display until 27th February 2017. The travelling exhibition will visit cities including Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles.


Figure 1 : The collection

The reason why I’ve chose this garment to speak about was how it looked and how it represents Burberry as a brand and how it relates to brand by doing a collection thats defining the brand and garments. I would say that the target market for this collection/garment would range from 20-30 because its elegant, urban and classy and could been worn in many different styles (.eg. on a catwalk and award ceremony), This garment was created using unique constructions, each design is handmade and Each one is a unique collector’s piece incorporating unexpected materials and intricate techniques, all of theses garments were made in the uk.


Figure 2 : Crystal Cape

I can see this garment being sold and being advertised on a catwalk, or on the other hand someone famous might had brought this garment or maybe been seen in vogue magazine. I believe that if this garment was meant to be sold it would be completely tailed and made and created in a different style and look for the high street brands being able to sell this in their store. Because most things that are on the catwalk get tweaked a bit for the high street customers/stores, it’s never the same as the original copy. I don’t really believe that this would need advertisement because once you see it in a magazine or previous photos from a catwalk it would naturally drag people attention to this garment/collection, but then on the other hand you could say just by it being on a catwalk, magazine and a famous person wearing it that its a kind of advertisement.

Also a symbol of protection since the 1880s, the Burberry cape finds a new expression at our London atelier. As you can see Burberry has created the couture cape done previously but they’ve brought it back and modernised, but there’s pictures placed in  A collector’s edition book capturing our 78 unique designs. Theres also video articles bof – business of fashion and the guardian and edited book 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers about couture designers.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 23.52.06.png





Accessed: 24/02/17


Video Article:

Edited Book: 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers – Hardcover – 25 Nov 2009 by Terry Jones (Author)

Accessed: 24/02/17

Image References 

Figure 1: The collection – ( All these pictures where taken when I visited Burberry makers house )

Accessed: 24/02/17

Figure 2: Crystal cape

Accessed: 24/02/17


Accessed: 24/02/17

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