About Me

My name is Reme, and I am currently a student at De Montfort University studying Fashion buying with Design. For as long as I can remember, I have always had an eye for fashion and designing  and experimenting with different materials. I can remember as a child visiting fashion shows and continuously designing and dressing myself up and my dolls. I was particularly enthralled by the way that your style can speak for itself.

I currently run a blog, style and model on Instagram ‘Raellarose’, where I post daily with different styles/outfits and fashion tips and products that other brands may send me to help them promote their brand. I like to think that people can view my Instagram and use it to inspire them. Also coming from a big city like london and seeing everyone with their style and expressing themselves through fashion; and following a top blogger sherlinanym and how she’s come up in the fashion industry it really inspired me to blog about fashion. Due to my passion for fashion and shopping, I decided it would be a great to come university to study Fashion Buying with Design as it is where my passion lies.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 22.36.20.png

Figure 1: My Instagram page

I also have a lot of inspiration from a variety of designers and culture’s, namely Moshino, a fashion designer who specialises in design. Moschino’s designs are unique and contain an urban style with their main focus being on 90’s look with vibrant colours. However, the patterns/colours themselves are intriguing because of the fact that they were inspired by Jeremy scott style, particularly the pop culture. Jeremy Scott combined the distinctive decorative elements of pop culture such as the looney toons, teddy bear and graffiti, in order to create his own references to the street culture of the time in the 90’s. This way of sourcing and combining ideas allows a diverse range of influences to be explored, and makes his work appear innovative.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 23.16.11.png

Figure 2: Jeremy Scott creation

Other designers/books that inspire me, include African fashion. This influence me to use vibrant colours/patterns which are my favourite materials to work with, Jekkah is one of the best African inspired clothing shops I’ve gone to in Camden to see all the different designs and patters/colours.’Fashion Africa’: I’ve read in depth with an aim to celebrate the fashion scene in Africa and the Diaspora through images, interviews, beautiful modern illustrations and critical analysis on sourcing, production as well as an ethical perspective. Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 23.49.27.png

Figure 3:Fashion africa



Accessed: 30/01/17


Moschino Hardcover Book:8 Oct 2001 by Mariuccia Casadio (Author), Luca Stoppini(Author)

Accessed: 30/01/17

Fashion Africa Book:Jacqueline Shaw is the founder of AfricaFashionGuide (AFG) – Launched in 2011


Accessed: 30/01/17

Image References 

Figure 1: My Instagram Page


Accessed: 30/01/17

Figure 2: Jeremy Scott creation

Available from:http://en.vogue.fr/fashion/fashion-inspiration/diaporama/fwah2016-from-barbie-to-looney-tunes-jeremy-scotts-pop-culture-inspiration-for-moschino/25990#les-looney-tunes-teddy-bears-et-graffitis

Accessed: 30/01/17

Figure 3: Fashion Africa Book

Available from:Jacqueline Shaw is the founder of AfricaFashionGuide (AFG) – Launched in 2011

Accessed on: 30/01/17

Word Count: 418


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